What Is Trustfax?

What is TrustFax?

Faxing can ne'er be regarding papers and phone calls craze. As several would say, "High-quality service will solely be achieved by those WHO existed for years," faithful that catchword, TrustFax, a corporation owned  by j2 international, could be a long-standing faxing business that helps small-to medium-scale business and enterprises to attain no-hassle expertise in digital faxing by solely mistreatment the web. With the restricted faxing transmission per recipient, it will support corporations WHO don't mind to send such in bulk. Through this, options also are highlighted a lot of. TrustFax, marketed principally in less convoluted business operations, is straightforward to put in and management dashboard is beat net, integrative all the add one place. to be told additional regarding this program simply keep reading and that we can dissect its options and advantages, and every one the main points entailed during this Trustfax review.

Features and advantages of TrustFax

Easy-to-comprehend net Dashboard

You can currently facilitate yourself with its simple net interface. All of the choices you would possibly get square measure all there, and the very fact that you simply can not ought to install, built-in, or maintain one thing from the online. Say good-bye to rewirings and setups from your older fax machines. further fees don't seem to be glorious here at TrustFax. you'll continuously log in on their main webpage via your TrustFax account.

Personal Fax range

In this field, your fax range becomes your card. On TrustFax, you're allowed to decide on your own personal fax range, your native range, or a fee range. the additional subscriber line is free from charge. They conjointly provide (866), (877), and (888) numbers free in price within the majority people states.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

TrustFax mailbox makes it doable for you to receive and send faxes that you simply have access to where you're at any time of the day. net association is all you wish to be able to send and receive faxes to anyone within the world. This makes TrustFax a additional convenient means for there's no would like for you to use fax machines.

Fax by Email

Email could be a common methodology of causation messages through electronic suggests that. Email is already a banality to virtually everybody these days. With TrustFax, you'll conjointly send faxes through email, that makes it handy and needs less effort.

Fax trailing

Fax trailing enables you to manage and track all of your outgoing and incoming faxes through an impact panel that you simply will access with an online association.

Digitized Signatures

Using TrustFax, linguistic communication a paper once more and once more that prices additional effort and time won't be a retardant any longer. you'll input a digital version of your signature and simply paste it in any faxes that require your signature. With that, the work of linguistic communication receipts, offices memos, and mailings becomes lighter and additional manageable.

International Faxing

Because of the wants in increasing their offers for not simply small-scale businesses, Trust Fax conjointly provide quotes for international faxing services. you'll currently send and share faxes outside USA and North American nation. With TrustFax, you do not ought to worry regarding disbursement additional as a result of you're allowed to send faxes to over two hundred international destinations at cheap rates. The payment for this type of service isn't enclosed to your monthly subscription and is quoted per minute dealings.


PDF files create less work and hassle-free, you do not ought to worry regarding your files being formatted or altered. Through TrustFax, you'll receive your faxes identical means as they were sent by the sender. during this means, scanning is way simple, may be encrypted by a arcanum, and saves a great deal extra space, excellent for the total disc drive of yours.

Unlimited faxing storage

You can not worry for clogged faxes from the past as you'll fancy causation such anytime you wish. With this, causation faxes in email and from phone calls will ne'er be a problem for you.

Helpful client support table

You can raise their client support table via email or line of work their hotline one (866) 733-7040. Their service is offered from nine to five pm standard time, Mondays to Fridays. Their technical school support can answer your queries and is intimate with however net faxing goes.


TrustFax set up

Monthly value


Annually value


Included Pages


Overage Rate (Incoming and Outgoing)


TrustFax has each monthly set up and annual set up. The yearly set up typically has additional discount than the monthly set up that must be paid month by month. The options of Trustfax are:

Free subscription for a month, comprehensive of unlimited fax storage.
Has fee range allotted to you upon obtaining your subscription.
300 combined inward or outgoing free pages monthly (inclusive faxes across the North American nation is freed from charge)
Additional pages for ten cents per page.
30 days free on-line fax storage.
When you obtain one year, you'll save Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire or $10.83 per month as a reduction.
They conjointly provide a fatless set up price $30 p.a.. This set up includes borderline faxing services.
Hopefully the knowledge provided during this Trustfax review can facilitate with any queries that you simply could have had regarding the service.

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